The Tim Gill Center for Public Media’s Citizen Journalism coursework is designed to engage community members with local media outlets via hands-on training in interview and recording skills and broadcast production. This five-week class structure is offered at the Tim Gill Center in partnership with Rocky Mountain PBS and Pikes Peak Library District. Students are invited to discover and discuss the history and intent of citizen journalism, then work to produce short feature stories and audio essays that are made available to partner organizations and local media outlets.


In Colorado Springs, first-time minor offenders are put face to face with their peers for sentencing in Teen Court. Citizen Journalist Chloe reports. (December 2016)

Penique Burroughs-Allen talks about the rising utilization of doulas, or birth assistants, in Colorado with registered Denver-based birth assistant Elizabeth Grant. (December 2016)

Elizabeth Martin discovers the heart, mind, body and soul of five local artists through in-depth interviews in this first installment of a series entitled “The Complete Artist.” (Summer 2016)

Dick Fairley presents an encyclopedic knowledge of jazz from the past century to the Colorado Springs community each Thursday night on KRCC Community Radio. Here, Jon Horton discusses with Dick what it means to be “gentlemen of a certain era,” including growing up in a pre-television era and imagining the world outside via the help of the radio. The two discuss their military service, the exportation of jazz to other countries by the State Department, and how jazz played a role in integration. (Summer 2016)

Michael Myers was a fashion photographer in New York City before opening a whiskey distillery in Colorado Springs. Here, Kristen Olson interviews Michael about the impact 9/11 had on his life, his decision to create spirits, and how his artistic vision permeates each step of the process at Distillery 291. (Summer 2016)

Meredith Ann speaks with local artist Chan Bird about their art, recent exhibitions, their children’s book series, and the evolution of the Colorado Springs cultural scene in recent years. (Summer 2016)

Chloe speaks with visual artist Liese Chavez of Chavez Gallery in Old Colorado City, where playful minded-ness and community support underlay an imaginative world of discovery and creation. (Summer 2016)

What’s better than live music, community, and helping a worthy cause? According to Cathy Genato, nothing! Cathy speaks with representatives from the National Mill Dog Rescue and Little River Band, who worked together to raise over $16,000 for the puppy mill Dog Rescue after serious hail and storms damaged the Colorado Springs facility in June 2016. With music by Little River Band. (Summer 2016)

Rocky Mountain PBS and the Tim Gill Center for Public Media worked with Sierra High School students in the Spring of 2016 to teach an Oral History curriculum through interactive coursework. Students researched and met with legacy members of the local arts and culture community, learning about the history of Colorado Springs through the lenses of these individuals’ lives. They then interviewed their subjects, wrote scripts, and edited the audio, resulting in the following short radio narratives.

Ian Foster came to Rocky Mountain PBS as a summer intern from Wesleyan University. As part of his internship, he created a feature radio piece on Colorado Springs’ National Natural Landmark, Garden of the Gods. In his story, Ian discovers the history and seeming universal draw of America’s favorite public park while lending an ear to the theory that it is hard to visit without feeling some spiritual impression. (June 2015)

Varnarat Torokian, a Buddhist born and raised in Thailand, speaks with female Buddhist monk Ajahn Thanasanti of Manitou Springs. Traditionally, female monks are not recognized by certain Buddhist leaders. Varnarat explores how this impacts Ajahn’s life and work, and reflects on how this gender prejudice affects her own involvement in her spirituality. (Fall 2015)

Citizen Journalist Renee Dior talks to legendary Colorado Springs DJ Lemonhead about the local hip hop scene, how the scene compares to Denver, and what Colorado Springs could do to make local music a pinnacle of the public hub. (Fall 2015)

13-year-old Isabel talks to the owner of local baking business Art and Style Baking — making custom, hand-painted cookies in Colorado Springs — about the ups and downs of owning and operating your own niche business, and challenging the stereotype of making a delicious, yet decorative, cookie. (Fall 2015)

Colorado Springs Citizen Journalist Yolanda Aragon interviews thirteen-year-olds Rose and Nina about their pastimes and aspirations. (Fall 2015)

Joy Blackburn interviews Colorado Springs Girl Scout Troop 40395 about their service work crocheting sleeping mats for the homeless in preparation for winter. (Fall 2015)

Citizen Journalist Diana Ramirez created a bilingual children’s series, Mrs. Frog’s World, in conjunction with RMPBS and the Tim Gill Center for Pubic Media. Diana, a native of Venezuela, had long wanted to create a radio series to help teach children Spanish. The Tim Gill Center for Public Media’s Citizen Journalism course was the perfect opportunity to make her eight-part series a reality. (Spring 2015)

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.15.48 PM
The first Tim Gill Center for Public Media Community Zine was compiled via a month-long workshop in June 2015. Copies were distributed around Colorado Springs, as well as at the Colorado Springs Zine Fest and the Denver Zine Fest!

Citizen Journalist Rayven Irons interviews Dr. James Tucker, State Director for Juneteenth, about this year’s events celebrating African American independence in Colorado Springs. (April 2015)

Kris Harty interviews one of her best friends, Renee, about a mutual milestone: turning half a century. (April 2015)

An essay by Renee Battle on the beautiful way she feels, regardless of societal standards. This piece was created through the Tim Gill Center for Public Media Citizen Journalism coursework. (April 2015)

Citizen Journalist Connie Neff interviews therapist Theresa Vera of The Counseling Couch in Colorado Springs about the challenges and aspirations of modern teens. (April 2015)

15-year-old filmmaker Jack Williams has won 20 awards for his insightful films about living with autism. Joy Blackburn interviews Jack and his caretaker, and uses found footage, to tell this beautiful story. (May 2015).

Saundra Josephs explores the seeming lack of opportunities during what she calls “The Lost Years,” the late-teenage, post-driver’s license era between adolescence and adulthood. (May 2015).

In preparation for the upcoming MS Awareness Expo taking place in Colorado Springs June 20, 2015, Joy Blackburn has a conversation with Nikki Pfeiffer, Executive Director of the MS Alliance of Southern Colorado. (June 2015).

Former seasonal Park Ranger and newcomer to Colorado Springs Bernie J. heads to the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center to talk about the annual Bighorn Sheep Day. (February 2015)

Keith Simon interviews former state legislator and KCMJ Community Radio founder Dennis Apuan as part of the Tim Gill Center for Public Media’s Citizen Journalism program. Apaun, a Pilipino immigrant, found his voice and sense of calling within the community by celebrating freedom of speech through the creation of a community-based radio station. (February 2015)

Hair stylist Ria Hurst explores her personal journey to help people alter their hygiene regiments using local, ethical products in the first episode of her series “Makeover.” By spotlighting individuals and businesses offering products with safety and ingredient integrity in mind, Ria hopes to bring awareness to the harmful chemicals used in many health and beauty products. (February 2015)

Ryan Kulp interviews founders Marina Eckler and Jonathan Fey and volunteer Chris Davis of Mountain Fold Books. A vivid new picture of literary innovation, Colorado Springs’ Mountain Fold Books functions as a reading room, bookstore, and venue for lectures, authors, performers, artists and events. (February 2015)

Valentina Kai and Matthew Grieson produced this interview with Aubrey Fennewald of Proprius Learning, a center for self-directed study in Colorado Springs. (February 2015)

Jon McGuire talks to local inventors about the development of their children’s toy series, Crossbeams. (February 2015)

Joyce Cheney interviews the Energy Resource Center’s Susan Parker about energy efficient incentives and resources for low-income families in Colorado Springs. (February 2015)