The Tim Gill Center for Public Media is a collaboration established in 2012 working to connect people, expertise and resources to create and distribute new citizen journalism content that tells stories that would otherwise go untold. Rocky Mountain PBS is the convening partner with the following collaborators: Pikes Peak Library District, KRCC 91.5FM, University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Community College, and Rocky Mountain Community Radio.

Like a car on the road, our collaboration has many moving parts. Investigating those parts is like gearing up for a road trip, making sure we’ve got the right fuel, vision and direction for the exciting road ahead. Clarifying how we work together has gotten us in the same space, buckled in for adventure, with our headlights aimed in the same direction—illuminating the human experience and enlightening our world.


IMG_0077The Tim Gill Center for Public Media is housed in the former Colorado Springs home of the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado, a program of the Denver-based Gill Foundation. The building used to be two separate spaces housing a tire station built in 1925 and a horse barn built before the turn of the century. In 1986, pioneering real estate developer and investor Tom Hudson began work to join these two historical buildings to create an 8,500 square foot office space stating, “we’ll be looking for creative type tenants who can use unstructured open spaces.”

In 2011, the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado offices were transitioned to Denver and in 2012 the Gill Foundation awarded Rocky Mountain PBS the building, which had become known throughout the state as a place to convene, collaborate and create positive change for a greater community. The Tim Gill Center for Public Media carries on the vision of Tim Gill and the Gill Foundation by ensuring the space is always available free of charge to community nonprofits, and the Center itself is a collaboration throughout the state, all working to inform, engage and elevate citizens in dialogue vital to building a better Colorado.

In addition to being Rocky Mountain PBS home base in Colorado Springs, the Tim Gill Center for Public Media also contains tenant offices for other local community organizations that add to the collaborative efforts of our mission including the Independent Film Society of Colorado (IFSOC), KCMJ 93.9 FM, the Pikes Peak Diversity Council (formerly the Colorado Springs Diversity Forum), the Pikes Peak Arts Council (PPAC), and Colorado Public Radio (CPR).


The Tim Gill Center for Public Media staff over sees and manages not only the building activities, but all Southern Colorado outreach, underwriting, and special events by Rocky Mountain PBS, with the help of the KTSC-TV staff in at the Pueblo studio and a group of dedicated volunteers.

Keanna Smith – Regional Director
Elyse Jones – Community Engagement Coordinator
Sally Davis – Development Officer
Kate Perdoni – Producer/Media Lab Manager
Scott Jones – Producer